Human Resources

Two qualified bilingual people were hired to attend the enquiries at the National Park visitor center.

The greatest influx of tourists to the Los Glaciares Zona Norte National Park occurs between the months of November and March. The Visitor Center receives more than 800 people per day. From the Association, we seek to provide support by reinforcing with extra staff, who can help with the sharing of correct information, advising people on how to transit the protected area correctly and how to avoid accidents. Our collaboration in the Visitor Center allows the park rangers to be freed from the activity of informing, and being able to focus on specific tasks such as periodic monitoring in the area of ​​public use of the National Park, revisiting of remote areas, repairing trails, fire prevention, amongst others. We also plan to make temporary contracts available for specific jobs on trails, directed by the National Park Trails Brigade. The personnel to be hired must be a resident of El Chaltén and have experience in the work necessary.