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We are a non-profit organization, founded by the inhabitants of El Chaltén. We aim to help and support the northern area of the National Park Los Glaciares, which due to the thousands of tourists that visit year after year, needs support for coping with different daily demands and pressures.

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Los Glaciares National Park is one of the most beautiful places in Argentina, declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO.


If you visit the northern sector of the protected area, you’ll be able to enjoy pristine landscapes and drink water from its different streams. Maybe, if you are lucky you’ll spot a condor, a fox or a huemul (endemic deer) and discover behind the clouds the famous Mounts FitzRoy and Torre. Furthermore you can walk through century old lenga forests along trails that are clearly marked and maintained by a group of workers of the National Park Administration.

As Friends of the National Park Los Glaciares, northern area, we collaborate with those that work in the conservation of this area so that its beauty lasts. If you have visited this beautiful corner of Patagonia and value the effort of those who contribute towards its maintenance, you can help us by buying a contribution bond.


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El Chaltén is recognized throughout the world for being the National Capital of Trekking. This is due to the scenic circuit of trails offered by the northern part of Los Glaciares National Park.

Communication tools

Communication tools

The National Parks Administration carries out one of the most important tasks: to disseminate and communicate information of great importance and usefulness for touring the National Park.

Human Resources

Human Resources

Two qualified and bilingual people were hired to attend the National Park’s visitor’s center.

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Thanks to Luciano Bacchi and Florian for the photos.